[NewWorld] Perk Tier List NEW WORLD

Brimstone Sands Expansion Perk Tier List.

빨간 글자 S 티어 ( S+ 포함 )
검정 글자 A 티어 ( A+ 포함 )

B~F 티어 Perk 제외


Ancient Bane(Ward), Angry Earth Bane(Ward), Blessed, Corrupted Bane(Ward), Empowering Fireball, Fire Damage, 
Flame Protection, Fortifying Sacred Ground, Fortifying Shield Rush, Frozen Protection, Health, Hearty, Ice damage, 
Insatiable Gravity Well, Keenly Empowered, Leeching, Leeching Crosscut, Leeching Flurry, Lost Bane(Ward), 
Mending Protection, Nature Protection, Omnidirectional Evade, Pylon Burst, Refreshing, Refreshing Divine Embrace, 
Refreshing Move, Refreshing Toast, Refreshing Torrent, Rogue, Sacred, Shirking Energy, Shirking Fortification, 
Slash Damage, Sturdy, Sturdy Energy, Sundering Shockwave, Thrust Damage, Thrust Protection, Thwarting Strikes, Unending Thaw, Vicious, Void Damage, Void Protection, Void Shield Ward, Voracious Blade

Abyssal Attunement, Accelerated Resolve, Arboreal Attunement, Bleeding Sweep, Enchanted, Energizing Counter, Enfeebling Maelstrom, Enfeebling Skewer,Flame Attunement, Fortified, Fortifying Perforate, Frost Attunement, Healthy Toast, Invigorated, Keen, Keen Awareness, Keen Beacon, Keen Berserk, Keen tondo,Mortal Power, Mortal refreshment, 
Purity Of Light, Refreshing Evasion, Refreshing Mighty Gavel, Refreshing Ward, Shirking Debilitate Cleanse, 
Shirking DoT Cleanse, Slash Protection, Slash Shield Ward, Stable Incinerate, Stamina Recovery, Strike Damage


Abyssal Attunement, Arboreal Attunement, Blessed, Empowering Fireball, Empowering Shooter's Stance, 
Energizing Counter, Enfeebling Maelstrom, Enfeebling Skewer, Exhaustive Net Shot, Fire Damage, 
Fortifying Sacred Ground, Fortifying Shield Rush, Freedom, Frozen Shield Ward, Health, Healthy Toast, Hearty, Ice damage, Insatiable Gravity Well, Keenly Empowered, Mending Protection, Mortal Empowerment, Putrefying Scream, Refreshing, Refreshing Move, Refreshing Divine Embrace, Refreshing Toast, Resilient, Sacred, Shirking Debilitate Cleanse, 
Shirking Energy, Shirking Fortification, Slash Damage, Slash Protection, Slash Shield Ward, Slowing Rupture, 
Stamina Recovery, Sturdy, Sturdy Energy, Sundering Riposte, Sundering Shockwave, Thrust Damage, Thrust Protection, 
Thrust shield Ward, Thwarting Strikes, Unending Thaw, Vicious, Void Damage, Voracious Blade

Accelerating Flamethrower, Bleeding Sweep, Crippling Blast Shot, Crippling Feral Rush. Crippling Powder Burn, 
Crippling Reap, Deadly Flourish, Elemental Aversion, Empowering Leaping Strike, Enchanted, Flame Attunement, 
Flame Protection, Flame Shield Ward, Fortifying Perforate, Frost Attunement, Frozen Protection, Invigorated Punishment, Keen, Keen Awareness, Keen Beacon, Keen Speed, Keen tondo, Kennly Jagged, Leeching, Leeching Crosscut, 
Leeching Path of Destiny, Nullifying Oblivion, Omnidirectional Evade, Physical Aversion, Plagued Splitting Grenade, 
Plagued Strikes, Refreshing Evasion, Refreshing Fleche, Relentless Freedom, Rogue, Shirking DoT Cleanse, 
Shirking Empower, Stable Incinerate, Void Protection, Void Shield Ward

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